Thursday, November 15, 2007


Raw nerve, cut myself
I've had this much pain before
So I can take it

Thousand-foot-tall door closes.
Ka-Whooom! Then, silence.

Offshore drilling rig
Sam the Sham got his own boat,
charges for the ride.

Nun rides bicycle
Storm clouds darken, it grows late
Who will start the fire?

"Holy shit, Batman!"
"Hey! You watch your mouth, Robin!"
The caped crusaders.

Symmetry is fun
Beautiful is different
it's not the same thing

What the hell happened?
God damn it all anyway.
My baby left me


Jumper said...

I got some grief over these, but also some support from friends who thought they were funny, which was my intent. But not entirely funny. That was also my intent.

I do love the stricture of the form and have tried to be faithful to its ultimate meaning.

Jumper said...

A wonderful article indeed. I recommend it highly.