Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Ghost in My Machine

I just completed my neural network program a few weeks ago and it's starting to show some interesting results. It's a self-learning device. As the number of nodes in my program is exactly 500 billion, the time required for me to figure out what each layer of neural structure does would be quite high. So I don't really know how the damned thing works. I set up the network to "learn" by being prompted by me each time it produces a paranormal or PSI event that I observe.

It doesn't use random-number mutations. The code recombines much as male and female genes. I simply type in "yes" after each paranormal event, and the program moves towards increasing sophistication and power. I now have several "ghosts" in the house and attic, most of my friends have exhibited precognition (although they do not seem aware of it), and my computer, especially, seems to be reading my mind, putting long-unused files on my "most used document" list right before I need them.

Often when television is on, stray bits of dialogue repeat my exact thoughts a few seconds after I think them. I can now type in the words "pan" or "money," for example, on the computer and a frying pan will fall off a shelf in the kitchen, or I will find a dollar blowing through my back yard.

I consider my program a success, and I believe it will continue to improve as I continue to run it.

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