Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Write Now

Sqirlz morph Another Sqirlz morph effort. I took an image of a gorilla I found online and had my next-door-neighbor shoot a picture of me in a similar pose. Then I morphed the two photos.
The angles of the two photos were a hair off. In particular, the subjects' right cheekbones (on your left) were wrapped around the heads differently. I had to do too much touch-up. I ought to reshoot the Jumper original and start over. I might.

Update. And so I did. This time the photo of me was taken from a little bit too high. Darn contract photographers! Why can't they read my mind? Perhaps I will do this until I get it right. At least I was smiling this time around.

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ET said...

WOW RUSSELL! You should be on TV!