Friday, May 15, 2009

Disappearing User Power

Lately some of my old trusted abilities are slowly disappearing from my control. I did a "print screen" to capture this Google street scene but when I opened it in my Adobe Photoshop Elements program it didn't let me edit it. I think there's some buggy thing put in on purpose because of copyright. My goal is to defeat it. I think I will search the web for explanation and possible solutions. Right now I'm posting this because I think Google will scrub the metadata off the jpg. Ironic, if so.

Yes, it worked! I opened the photo here viewing the blog (clicked on the photo, opened it full-size in a new window) and saved it. Then I reopened it in Elements and I owned it. Yesssss!

But I don't want to anger Google, my best friends. I found a scrub-warning at a site. So it is indeed ironic that they scrubbed the metadata themselves.

Now, it might just be a bug in Elements, or it could be deliberate - I don't know. I do know some sites write their code to actively prevent saving images from their webpages. I have found most workarounds so far.

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