Saturday, September 5, 2009

Calling a Spade a Club

The entire body politic is misreported. It is as if the press, our lookouts, have psychotic hallucinations, and we must divine the truth by furious reading between the lines. The entire left-right divide, which they are so adamant about preserving, completely misses the idea of populism. Not looniness, but this kind of populism: Most people have an idea of what "insurance" is. Yet when "insurance" quits being "insurance" and becomes an undefinable racket, instead, the normal people know it is not "insurance" as they know it, but both the "left" and "right" and the press keep calling it "insurance."

It is akin to calling an occupation a war, long after occupation begins, and anyone with any sense whatever knows it's an occupation, but the Right, the Bushies, out of their own form of political correctness, refuse to call it that, and the "Left", and the Press, obey in lockstep.

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