Sunday, May 30, 2010

What it is.(conspiracy theatre)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

What it is.(conspiracy theatre)

It looks like forces hostile to the U.S. switched from terrorism to the deliberate attempt to bankrupt the country. Using bribery, the strategy is similar to the old Soviet concept that America will sell them the rope they use to hang us. Meanwhile, the fascist forces have been fantasizing about Ayn Rand, and, seeing themselves as modern day John Galts, have joined forces with the Bin Ladens of the world to drive us to our doom.

Using fundamentalism here in the U.S. similarly to the way the Saudis and the Bushes and Cheney use Al Qaeda, certain forces are put into play using people such as Murdoch, etc. The rise of teaparty idiocracy gums up the works, allowing certain acts of corporate terrorism to occur: deliberate crashing of the markets by corrupt financial leveragers after skimming vast amounts of money placed in offshore accounts.

Angertainment. Hateriotism. Rageaholics. I bet you can find Saudi money funding the Tea Party "movement."

From an anonymous post on the web: (If by some chance the author sees it, tell me what to do.)
'Oil rolls gently in the sea merely 20 miles from the Florida Keys. The Louisiana coastline is now a garish reminder of the greed of a corporate mindset with only one goal: Do it now and do it cheap. Your unborn children and grandchildren will not know the joys of coastal fishing villages. You will never again enjoy the sea bounty of the Gulf of Mexico. But, wait and listen and on the wind you will the mindless platter of idiots singing on the wind, “drill baby drill.”
If you do not feel a sense of frustration at this moment of the short-sightness of the milling humanity of the greatest nation on earth and their inability to comprehend that the wrong set of rules is governing the process by which we consume resources, then you are dead—or will be soon.
Not only do the Gulf’s oil resources serve as the ultimate reservoir for the fossil fuel required by the military of PAX Americana, the latest world empire, that same Gulf coast houses fellow countrymen of our great nation who saw their livelihood totally collapse and, today, their hopes for resurrection of that way of life vanish.
Why we live this way is no longer a question. The race for energy at all costs to fuel our desire for more consumption of things we do not need has a rationale. It is implanted in the minds of all who salute a way of life has no regard for the ultimate cost of satisfying every whim. That rationale is called stupidity. It is also disguised as “liberty” and “freedom” on this holy day of memorial for those who have given the ultimate in our country’s wars over the years. It is a way of life that must change. Many regarded Timothy McVeigh as a terrorist of the first order, particularly when he referred to the deaths of innocent children and others in the Oklahoma City bombing as “collateral damage”.
There is little difference between the McVeighs of this world and leaders of a societal system that create a corporate structure that simply views the death of the Gulf of Mexico as “collateral damage” in the ever elusive pursuit of profits. Make no mistake about it; such is the view of those corporations that seek to continue to provide fossil fuel energy regardless of the impossible to total cost in lives and life styles for the folks and environmental resources that are sacrificed.
The answer is, per the popular song, my friend is “blowing on the wind.” The question remains: “When will they ever learn?”' - anonymous

BP did it on purpose. Plot: spend one or two billion on rigged spill in Gulf; politics leads to opening Alaska's previously protected zones (Anwar) to drilling, resulting in up to a half-trillion dollars in oil. LIKELIHOOD: slim


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