Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Word is Fuzz

It was around 1964. The wave receded and was gone. We didn't quite sense it, because the British boys were here and we weren't paying attention.

Jimi Hendrix saw it. A lament wrapped in a joke? I like to think so.

So the years passed, and life got busy, and I never much thought about surf music again.

But like a lot of people, when I saw Pulp Fiction, the sound of Dick Dale's "Miserlou" was a strange magnet from the past.

A revisit to surf music was called for. I was hooked. I filled up my MP3 player with surf music, and it is good.

Mike Brown, I discovered, also loves surf music. He is making it now. One of my favorites is "Moonlight Mountain." Listen to it here. Or search YouTube for "The Man from RavCon." Or listen to this alternate number:


Anonymous said...

"Mike Brown" - haha! His name appears on the video images, y'know.

Jumper said...

Mike Bozart made a video of Mike Brown's music. Mike Brown is, I can testify, a real person. (And a stand-up guy, to boot!)

he is the founder of The Ravelers. Mike Bozart is a fan. So am I. Not only that, I'm a fan of Mike Bozart, too.

Hope this straightens things out.!

little shiva said...

Ah, I see. Thought it was another pseudonym.

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