Sunday, April 22, 2012

Funds of Funds

Spread the bad tranches - dilute, dilute!
Praise the wise traders - salute, salute!
We'll call ourselves shrewd,
(Tho' the emperor's nude)
And a percent commission
Will turn into two!
Tho the umbrella's shredded,
(T'was never repaired)
The fox in the hen house
Says "Don't fear the bears,
"'Twon't rain again soon,
Bears promise they're fair!"
And foxes and bears why they're cute, they're cute!
With their odd little smiles and gold parachutes.


Elliot said...

A bear promised me he was fair just before he mauled me to death.

Jumper said...

If I had been smart I would have taken this to the next level and made all the mixed metaphors into a meta-metaphor for "funds of funds" but I didn't. Maybe next time.