Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Scope This

What's with the picture? It's a photo I made from my own custom-mixed alloy, made for the sole purpose of photographing it through a microscope.

Other stuff going on today is links:
Here's one I just found, the Canadian Project Gutenburg
(Which came about because I am reading Wikipedia's article on Project Gutenburg.
A frisson of danger! Some of these available texts are legal, out-of-copyright in some countries, but illegal to possess in the good old U.S. thanks to the lovely copyright legislation passed here in the '90s - the Copyright Term Extension Act, (different from the Digital Millenium Copyright Act.)

Visualize why.


Jumper said...

Yep, it's turned off over there.

yellojkt said...

Nice place you got here, Jumper. Just a little quiet. Why not put on some show tunes?

Jumper said...

That would be like me lecturing Scotty on nuclear power.

Hey, are we timestamped??! If not, why, darn it!

I know, I know - after all, it's my blog...

Jumper said...

And if you haven't tried Pandora, why not? (in the blogroll)

Tim Molter said...

Very cool. I once read an old book on metallurgy and was mildly fascinated. Thanks for reminding me. One of my long term projects is to save up copper wires that I find thrown out and melt it all into a solid block. My wife thinks it's a funny idea. It's insane how much energy it takes to distill 5 pounds of copper from the earth, but people throw wire away like it's diapers. I'm sure wars were fought over Cu a long time ago.