Sunday, October 4, 2009

Chicken Soup

About 75 cents worth of chicken, and the carrots were a super deal. I don't think the whole thing cost over $4.14 and will feed two people for at least day, or one for two days. I made a lot, about two gallons. This is an informal attempt to think along the lines of the $15 per week per person food contest. I remember the carrots were definitely on sale, and I used a lot of them. The chicken was about $1.50 per lb. for a mess of legs & thighs and I used a lot of it already in another dish. The bell pepper was on sale also, I think $3 for three peppers (a red, a green, and a yellow!) and I used half a yellow pepper only. There is a homegrown poblano in there that was half red and half green. One drop / glop of Dave's Insanity Sauce for fire. Some old miso, and some lemon juice also. Lots of spices in small amounts: 3 whole allspice seeds I then ground up, a little garam masala, some nutmeg. Plus regular pepper and Accent (my new kick) and some chicken bouillon. And a cup of rice. How could I forget? Easy. I forgot to mention the celery I put in too.

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